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My milk shake was spinning

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Nick Pitchenese
E-mail: silentbob1@dryden.net

I'm 12 years old and i've been smokin weed for 2 years now but i've never shroomed before. So I was going to a nearby city for the weekend. My cousin gave me 8 grams of shrooms to take with me.

So when we got to the hotel I ate them all at once. I waited about an hour and nothing happened so i waited 2 hours, but still nothing.
I was so pissed. I thougt they were fake, but then my dad sent me down to the front desk to get some spare pillows.

Half way down the stairs they started to kick in. I got the spare pillows and they felt like they were trying to wiggle out from under my arms. Then we went to the Mc donalds across the street. What a treat that was my milk shake was spinning it was almost hipnotic. Any ways I'll never do it again i'd rather just smoke a couple grams of Ganja.

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