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My mom knocked on the door

Substances: Cannabis
By: Cathy
E-mail: kato_mustard@hotmail.com

I had just bought two grams of weed and was in my room with my best friend smoking up. Right in the middle of lighting a bowl, my mom knocks on the door. To my horror, she asks us if we are "smoking drugs". I was stupid of me to think she wouldn't smell it. I shakingly deny. I decide it's time vacant the house. Normally, i wouldnt freak out after this close call, but the weed has hit me hard. I run to my brother's window and jump onto the roof. "Come on!" I shout to my friend, but she's not freaking out like yours truly, and she hisses at me to come back inside and leave the normal way- through a door. My heart is pounding in my chest as we sneak outside and down the street. As we walk I'm constantly talking, but not really aware of what I'm talking about.

By and by we come to an industrial station of some sort. I'd seen it before but never in this state of mind. There is a forest of trucks! Miles and miles of white rectangles!! I tell my friend that we have to go into the forest of trucks and we scurry towards them. As we are wandering through this urban forest, we hear someone shouting at us. A man on the other side of the forest screams, "Oh you better not be painting on my trucks!!!" We are terrified. Our first instinc is to run. The man is bringing out a cell phone. "I'm calling the police!!" We quickly try and explain we were just looking at the trucks, not realising how ridiculous we sound. He makes the call. We start to run, but then my friend says, "stop, put these on" she hands me a pair of sunglasses. It's lie out of a movie!! she takes of one of her shirts, and I realise I'm wearing two as well! Disguises! We walk to her house fully confident that our instant, and strange, resourcefulness has saved the day!

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