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My parents want me to see a shrink

Substances: Cannabis and Angel dust

After a fish dinner, i sat down on my mothers computer and searched the web. I came to a site that had a page for sharing experiences they had with drugs. So being that i just smoked Skunk 1 and a bowl of angel dust i decided i should share my experience. It started only a few hours ago. I walked around applefest (a town festivle that attracted city people) with my very good friend kayla and our other freind jess as hours past and herbless i was they had to leave. But this part is not important how i got the herb isnt important or how i came to smoke a bowl of dust is also not important.
What was important was the day sucked and i was suppose to call my house and get home an hour ago. Now i had a descion to make to i go home or do i get introuble and somehow find pot. I chose to find the pot even tho i had several draw backs with people being dry after i thought all hope was lost a freind of mine comes up to me with his cell phone telling me he knows who has some and he has a little bud left covered in dust. A friend of ours shows up on so many drugs im surprised he wasnt dead and tells me he has bags. The conversation continues and he tells me he has his bags all mixed up mostly because hes on so many drugs and because he has a little bit of everything he finds the bags we discuss our freind who has to go to court for drug related charges and depart me and 3 of my freinds walk down mainstreet with the bussle of people everywhere admiring autumn in all its traditions we walk down the trains only 100 feet from a road sit down by a bridge and begin to smoke. I packed Buddhas Whistle (the name of my bowl) to the brim then pushed it all down and packed some more. As the skunk 1 in my bowl burned slowly being passed around we talked about cars the and an idea about what should be the new engine in my car. As the bowl was cashed i slowly slipped into the smoke realizing the true happiness i feel only when high. My freind suggested packing more being he was a greedy fuck. Instead tho i suggested i pack half and my freind pack the dust. So we did and only 1 1/2 cycles in a lady walked in plain view of us. Now there was a parking lot a mere ten feet from us and the main road in town was only 100. So being this wasnt the best place for the illegal activities to occur we walked down the tracks and went behind and old truck that seemed to have been abandoned there. we finished the dust and weed and all walked back to town towards Burger King.

While there i called my mom to see what was going on and she decided she was gonna come get me so i sat outside and waited with some of my other freinds. As time passed a little 3 cops on bikes showed up and of course being that we are teenagers in small town usa the cops have to hassle us for skateboarding or loitering. I knew i was very wasted and had no idea if i showed it but i remembered i had just put in visine so i figured i should be alright. The cops walked away after a while of abusing there power. I went inside of BK and took a handful of frys from my freind i just smoked out. It humoured me that he wasnt even in high school yet and hes done twice as many drugs as i hide at the same time i know most of my freinds wont make it out of there 20s alive as for me my parents believed i was an alcholic drug addict who would end up in jail. Having siad this my life is fucked up my parents want me to see a shrink because i think they treat me unfairly and they disagree with pot or any other drugs. Pot is my only escape the only thing that allows me to feel any happiness and as sad of as rediculous as i might sound if you knew me you would understand i am not a druggie or an addict and i do have complete control it just isnt all that easy with this being siad my mom soon showed up at BK and we went in search of my sister. Now being this was the first time i had smoked in a day which doesnt like alot but it kinda is for me and never smoking dust before getting in the car with my mom was interesting. At first i was slightly gripped by fear but then i soon realized i was completely controlable and in the most right state of mind i possibly could be. We searched for my sister until getting a phone call from my dad who is an asshole and he should fucking die, he told us where she was and we went to her there.

Of Course she wasnt there and we had to drive further down the road because well you cant just sit in the middle of a road. On the way back my mom called some guy an asshole and accelerated quite quickly in here 2002 accord. It always amuses me that she trys to be so good sometimes and other times acts the way she really is. This thought aside we pulled up to the area we were suppose to meet her which was a closed bridge with a side street right next to it, we sat somewhat off to the side of the sidestreet but not to far because of the road closed signed that was in the way. A few kinds on bikes were burning paper or something which cracked me up and at the same time the burning ambers of paper were very beautiful and hypnotic moments later the boys site the cops heading towards them and run like hell yelling and screaming which made me crack up again. Finnaly my sister shows up taking her sweet ass time and we depart to go to larrys deli to see if the atm still had money being the other ones were empty cause of the city people for applefest. i sat in the car while they were in larrys listening to some music and watching people. As we were pulling out a freind of mine from school pulled up with her farther in the passengers side or so i think as for i have never seen her dad and this guy was a little young, altho i was excited and surprised to see her i was to fucked up to say hi so i just watched her walk around and didnt say a word soon after i headed home and sat down on my moms computer while i talked to some people on instant messanging hearing the storys of who took what drugs this weekend. And things all being the same half these kids have pissed me off by now trying to prove they are more bad ass by doing more drugs or having wild fucked up nights. Soon as i was in a conversation with a freind of my sisters my mom called me for a fish dinner and now i sit here telling you only a part of my story of a fucked up life you will never have the experiance of meeting. "Unite with the plant"

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