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My roof was going to kill me

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Jessie
E-mai: Huggy_Buggy10@Hotmail.com

K Me and my boyfriend at the time meet up with some of our friends for the night. We were walking down the street and this guy ,lets say his name was Matt, pulled out about 12 grams of Mushroom.
So we went down this little road and eat them. I think i got in about 4 and a half. The night went on and nothing was really happening so i figured they werent working.

So we all went back to my house to chill. We were just sitting in my room having a smoke and it hit me. My bed spread(which is stars and moons) started coming at me so i just sat with my eyes closed for a min. and then when i opened my eyes every thing just started spining .
So i went and lied on my bed with my boyfriend. We were just sitting and cuddling and i stared looking at the roof. There is this big bump in it because of a pip or somthing going through it. So i was just staring at it and i though it was quick sand and that my roof was going to kill me.

So I ran in to the living room. Little did i remember that my parents were sitting in there and looked at me pretty weired when i came out all sweaty and short of breath. The rest of the night was kinda washy but a few hours later we went for a walk to my buddies house and took some more.
I wasn't really what you call an often user of them so it hit me pretty hard and when i woke up the next moring i was about three towns away from mine and was sleeping naked next to.....well lets just say it wasn't my boy friend..........

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