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Never call your parents

Substances: Mushroomss
By: IcyHOt
E-mail: sevendust_84_6@hotmail.com

this was the night before my birthday
I ate some mush with my buddy at about 11:15 and at 11:30 they kick in and we were eating pizza and watching the simpsons. I couldn't handle it, there were too many colors for me, and the walls had too many designs on them, so i went outside to sit on the deck, and there were these paint spots that looked like spiders and shit, and it looked like it was snowing, i was getting scared so I went into the bathroom to puke em up. I kept spitting in th toilet and my spit was making these weird faces at me, and everytime i looked in the mirror and then look away, it was kinda like chasers, scared the shit outta me, so I went and called my mom ( never call your parents, LOL )
I got into the car with my mom and she kapt asking me questions, and with her hair it was all poofy and red, and she looked like a freakin' lion. I thought she was growling at me. And while she was driving it felt like we were going so damn fast but yet she was only doin' 80 k's
and the bug guts on the windows were making fucked up designs, and I kept on seeing these bugs flying into the window and SPLAT!! fucked up.
when we got to the hospital the lady there was really weird, I couldn't look at her, haha i wonder what she was thinking.
went and laid down on the bed and curled up into a ball, and I looked over on the other bed which was empty and I saw a dead person with a rabbit.
and then the chick ( oh yeah I left my buddy at her house alone, she said it was ok )
took the blood pressure thing and put it on my arm, I begged her to take it off, cus I thought I was going to die.Mom was like Happy birthday, and then I snarled at her, then I calmed down because I was warm, I never wanted to leave the hospital cuz I was warm, and the chick said to go home and sleep it off. hahahahahaha yeah right, sleep on shrooms, thats even worse, but I never wanted to get back into that fuckin' car.
when we got home I curled up on the couch with a huge white blanket and lots of pillows, and I was warm and feeling good, so i thought the bad part was over and told mom she could leave. but after 5 min I had to call her back because it looked like this stupid doll was laughing at me.
I closed my eyes and I had this vision of people moving through straws and shit, and everytime I had to go pee I would just flush the toilet and I would feel better. and then I heard all these weird noise that scared the shit out of me, and then my dad came in and I ran away up staairs.

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