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Old grandmother got high by mistake

Substances: Cannabis
By: Sarah Clarke
E-mail :tazzas2002@yahoo.com.au

WEll I have smoken weed many times b4 but this time I really over did it. See when my parents went away for a couple of days my mates came over and of course brought a hole bad of weed with them aswell. So we smoked that all night and got totally tripped out something bad. My parents said they where going to be away for 2 days but that only turned out to be one. Also, what I didn't know is that MY GRANDMOTHER WAS COMING OVER ASWELL.

So my parents rang home and said that they where going to be home in 25 minutes. I totally freaked out rushing to all the windows and opening them to let the smell out hoping my parents wouldn't notice, along with my grandmother at the age of 78. Stashing the weed in hid'n' locations but some of those where done by my friends, who at the time had no idea what they where doing. I told my friends to go home cause they stank like weed and where high. I took all my clothes off and washed them and put a new pair on. Then my parents rolled up with grandma, greeting them with kisses and cuddles; and at the same time hoping they didn't know that anything was wrong and to my surprise they didn't. My mum went out to water the garden and dad went to have a shower. I also went off to feed my dog and get the mail.

So my poor old grandmother was left inside all by herself. While we where all busy my grandmother decided to make herself a cup of tea. When I had finished my work outside I came back in the house and noticed that my grandmother was acting quiet strangely. She was giggling at me and started to stand up and dance. I thought she was just happy to be home with us but then I noticed that this can't be my grandmother. I then noticed that she made herself a cup of tea, I looked inside the cup and smelt it and noticed that it wasn't tea but weed my grandmother had mistaken for tea. Then I rushed to the kitchen cupboared and to my suprise found that my stupid friends stashed the remainder weed we had left in with our tea.

I WAS IN BIIIIG TROUBLE BY PARENTS; AND HAD A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO. Pllllllz my advice is don't let your friends do the dirty work cause it will only get you in trouble.

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