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a learning experience

Substances: Caffeine

This isnt really a "trip" but more of an ignorant overdose of the most consumed drug in america, caffiene. Back in 10th grade (i was 16, im 20 now) my friend scored some magnum 357 pills from the gas station and wanted me to take alot of them with him. They contained 200mg of caffiene a piece. I didnt know shit about mg back then so i went ahead and popped 5 pills. BIG BIG BIG mistake, if your ever taking caffiene pills PLEASE for your sake dont take more than advised. I had consumed about 10 cups of coffee ALL at once and didnt even know it. If anyones had coffee they sure know thats ALOT. My friend popped 12 of them, and we walked into school (we would get there alittle early and chill outside in the parking lot, trying to wake the f*ck up(im not a morning person)hence the reason we took the pills). I had no bad effects for the first hour of class, all went well I was doing my work and felt perfectly normal and awake. I went to second hour, and started to feel shaky, my nerves were flyin. This was normal I remembered when taking more than one pill (i had taken two once before and felt shaky but didnt get sick or anything)so i didnt worry about it. The shakiness started to get real real bad, and i was starting to feel my heart beat irregularly (it would go boom....boom..boomboomboomboomboom....like that). I was panicky and started to sweat and told my friend next to me that I needed him to bring me my bag cuz I was going to the office. He looked scared and said "okay dude" and I instantly got up and ran for the office, the teacher didnt even mind because he knew I was f*cked on somethin. I got out to the hallway and started to see purple open eye visuals. Blobs of purple, like clouds all throughout the hallway. This was basically the only somewhat cool thing about the whole situation. I got to the office and said "i gotta lay down someone help me" and the teachers aids freaked and said "go go over here!" and i layed in the sick bed. My heart was KILLING me, never have I felt it beat that fast before. Soon after a counselor came in and comforted me, telling me id be alright and that it would pass. I thought I was dying, and I thought he was an angel that was going to save me. I truely thought it. I got up to go home and instantly heaved into the trash can. After that I felt tired but MUCH better. Hope this keeps anyone from poppin caffiene pills like I did, its no fun and its very dangerous. If youd like to get ahold of me, maybe share experiences, etc. email me at pyro_96@hotmail.com

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