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Substances: Cannabis
By: WeEdYgUrL

yesterday 2 friends n me went to smoke in a little forest that is behind our houses, we always go there but this time it was diferent cause when we were walking we noticed that some trees were missing but we didnt care that much.
anyway i was kind of paranoic before we started smokin cause i was waitin my mum to call cause i was suposed to open the door for her cause she didnt have any keys so i just wanted to smoke a leave as fast as i could.
we started smokin and then in the middle of the little forest we started hearing voices AND NO 1 WALKS THROUGH THE FOREST so we were like all paranoic n lookin for some1, we had just finish smoking the first joint (for each of us I LIVE IN COLOMBIA) and when i lighted up yhe other one my cell phone rings and is my mum i was so freacking scared i jus started runnning to my house and i heard my friend yelling THATS NOT THE WAY but i thought they R so fucking high BUT then i stoped runnig cause all i could see was trees so i started yelling IM LOST and my friend told me to follow there voices and they started lo bark LOL the freacking dogs hahahahah after like 15 mins i found them..... i they told me the way home.

when i arrive i didnt see my mum n then the cell phone rings again n she tel me she is gonna be late anyway... i started laughing my ass off n jumping aroun my house like a frog n making jokes with my dog (i know whatever) after a while my mum arrives and looks at me n says WHY R U SO DIRTY n i look at me and i realized that i was all covered in mud HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i can usally handle my weed i dunno what happened yesterday but it was fuckin funny.

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