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Paranoia Extravaganza !

Substances: Cannabis
By: Yokosfanto

Now look... I am not your average pothead. I am a part of my high school varsity wrestling team since i was a freshman, and the varsity football team since i was a sophmore. I am also a part of the high school symphonic band, which brings me to one of my stories... About a year ago the band went on a trip to Myrtal Beach, SC. Me and about 90% of the whole band snuck weed on the trip, so we can toke up like everynight in the hotel room... It was the second night on the trip and there were about 7 of us. We were all in my friends room and high as hell becasue we just finished smoking. At that time there was a bang on the door and i could have sworn that i heard someone scream "its the police, there are reports of people smokign weed". At that moment my heart dropped. My first instinct was to go hide in the bathroom, so i did. I placed my ear against the door and i could have again sworn that i heard that the man, now in the room, accuse my friends of smoking weed. As high as my friends were, they had no chance of covering up that they had been smoking.

So i took it a step further and i jumped in the shower with all my clothes on and soaked myself. From that point on I was terrified. If I was caught i would be kicked out of school, and all the sports i was on. My life would have been ruined! I was literally crying to myself thinking about what my parents, coaches, teachers, and principles would say when they found out that i was caught smoking weed. Sometime throughout my time in the shower someone knocked on the door and said "what the hell are you doing in there". Thinking that it was a police officer i replied hesitantly " uhhhh....im takin a shower". After i spoke i heard laughter. I thought it was the cops laughing at how retarted i sounded, which only contributed to how bad i felt...

About a half an hour passed and i worked up the courage to get out of the shower, so i took off my clothes, put on a towel, and left the bathroom. I was convinced that the room would be infested with cops ready to arrest me. So you can imagine how releived i was when i greeted by friends laughing histerically at my stupidity. There were no police. The man banging on the door was a chaperone for the trip, coming to see if we were throwing water balloons off the balcony, which we weren't. My friend ray was the one laughing at me when i was taking a shower... So all that time i spent worrying was pointless. I learned a very valuable lesson from that day : REMAIN CALM WHEN YOUR HIGH!!

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