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Passin the bowl around

Substances: Cannabis
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Well... it was one of those days when I thought I was gonna be dry. I had no money, no bud, nothing.

Finally, I decided to call my one good friend. He said he was holdin some super nugs (bud that has so many crystals and hairs, you can barely see the bud) but he had nothing to smoke out of. Luckily, I had a glass bowl that just so happened to be borrowed from a friend, who just so happened to smoke acid out of it (and he didn't tell me).

So me and five of my friends went to smoke in this wooded area with plenty of rocks to sit on. We all took a seat and started passin the bowl around and 'round (KMK song!!!).

It wasn't long before I could really feel the effects. I thought I saw a skunk and started skitzin out, man... I remember they passed the bowl my way and I was thinkin :< no way, dude...i am fucked up!>: But me, being the idiot that I am, take the bowl and light it anyways.

I took the hit, than held the bowl in my hand for awhile. Then out of nowhere, the skunk comes back and I drop the bowl!!! (there was still some bud left in it!!! :'( ) Two of my so-called friends got up and started kicking me really fuckin hard, and I kind of passed out.

When I woke up, I was laying down and everyone was in my face and I just said "Get away from me!"
I got up, dusted myself off, and started walking. We were in a parking lot that I had been to 6 million times before, but I couldn't seem to remember where I was.

We went to Wendy's, where we ate about six burgers or something, and all I can remember after that is turnin on some trippy ass cartoon, like some kind of anime from cartoon network or something... Jeez that was the best high I'd ever had!

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