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Peter Pan was flying around in circles

By: Jaime
E-mail: pyro_chick34@hotmail.com


Okay lets see umm....this was my very first time I did shrooms so it was pretty fucked up! I was sitting in my red room with a few close friends of mine. Brittany one of my best friends pulled out a bag of magic mushrooms, I had heard that they can fuck you up good and I was wondering why she had them! She offered a few to me and naturally I said yes. So I ate a couple of them and we just sat back, wondering when we would trip out. I waited for 45 minutes and it hit me hard my head was so light like air. I looked up and Peter Pan was flying around in circles on my celling...yes Peter Pan.lol and then I saw the lost boys..you know the kids who dress in animal suits. Anyway they were marching around my room singing that gay "follow the leader song" I ran out of my room because it got so annoying. When I went into the kitchen my best friend Anne was sitting there eating fried chicken. she was saying "this shit helps with the munchies you know." the funny thing was she wasn't even at my house when I got high..anyway I went back to my room and sure enough Peter Pan was still there. He was jumping on my bed saying "I will teach you how to fly" then he winked at me and said I wanna screw you. I ran out screaming and he was chasing me. In the morning I awoke in a bathtub
full of freezing water, and to find my friend Crystal beside my in the tub wearing boxers and a KoRn shirt! My first trip was so fucked up!


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