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Police helicopter shines it's fucking light directly on my car

Substances: Cannabis
E-mail: bigfatblunt@hotmail.com

It all started one friday when a friend came over to spend the night, he brought his trusty ol' bong and a dub. It was around five in the afternoon and we were going to go to a party that night.
So we start token and just chill till the party. We go to the party and all went well, then we came home for the hardcore smokin. We head out to the car to hot box the shit. We drive down the street and pull into an alley. I see a good spot and i pull up, turn the car off and we start token.

It was around two in the morning and we were fucking baked, (we still had some weed left but we were FADED) and paranioa starts sittin in. We were all ready nervous as hell when we here fucking police sirens and a helicopter. We nearly died of a fuckin heart attack. We start TRIPPIN! We are going nuts!
Then we look out the back wind shield and a car comes zooming down the alley, follewed by three motherfucking cops. Now my car is dark as fuck so they just zoom right past us, and we thought we were in the clear. Put then out of fucking no where a police helicopter shines it's fucking light directly on my car. FUCK!!! We panic and but just shut the fuck up and stay still hoping the damn thing would go away. And man were we fucking relieved when the damn motherfuckers flew away.

It was quite the trip that i'd never want to experience again.
Well, smoke it easy. Peace.

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