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porn on his coffee table

Substances: Cannabis
By: Dan Nelson

All right, it started when my friend and I went to the train tracks to smoke up, cuz thats where we always go. The bad part is it's up hill, so you get out of breath, but it's definatly the trip. Well, we got to our place and started to smoke. that day i bought an ounce of home grown and an eighth of mids. so i was like lets smoke bowls with the mids and joints with the homegrown. Well we started to smoke and the next thing you know we were haering these kids like walking around us and watching us smoke pot. it was freaky as hell. then my friend (won't say name) said that one of the birds sounded like a monkey. i was fucking baked as hell and we had smoked maybe 2 bowls of mids and a joint of home grown. Now the weirdest part was one minute, we were sitting there with light, and the next minute it got pitch BLACK. it was fucking freaky. So were thinking lets get off the tracks and go to taco johns. so were walking to taco johns when we saw a buddy of ours, and he was like you guys got any weed that you would want to match, i was like hell yeah. So we got in his truck and went to some dudes house, i was baked as hell and so was my friend, but right when we walked in the door and there was porn on his coffee table, and porn is the best to look at when your high. But when w got there we started to roll a blunt with the guy that was gonna match me. so we stated to smoke, and my friend that i was with at the trax doesn't smoke cigs, but the smoke from the cigar was fucking killing him. so i was like don't leave a soldier behind (the blunt being the soldier) and he was fucking hacking up a lung. Well we were like I got to go home, so my buddy drive me home and i had no idea where the fuck we were, even though we were in my neihboor hood, i still had no idea where we were. well thats the end of my story hope you enjoyed it.

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