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President Bush standing over me with a huge machine gun

Substances: Cannabis
By: Chris Kerrigan
E-mail: Kjudas18@aol.com

The most outstanding time I've ever gotten high was in Echo Park in Los Angeles with some friends. There was some sort of carnival thing going on near my friend's house in Echo Park, so we all went down to see it. First, however, we sat up in his apartment and smoke three bowls of weed (naturally).
After we smoked it, we all left his apartment and ran down the hill toward the carnival, where a fireworks display had just begun. The run almost killed me, because I felt like I was being thrown down the long hill. We finally arrived at the carnival, right in front of the Echo Park lake on the grass, where we were terribly close to where the fireworks were originating.
I lay down on the grass and kept looking at the fireworks and began orgasmically going "oooo" "ahh" while all of my friends laughed their asses off. Then, I closed my eyes and began this fantasy. I obviously wasn't hallucinating, but I honestly began to believe that the loud bang sounds of the fireworks was President Bush standing over me with a huge machine gun and shooting me over and over again because I had gotten high. I even imagined that the applause from the carnival crowd was the entire country applauding because I was being shot. It was so fucking amazing. It's the best high I've ever gotten. Man, I love marijuana, and I don't care what anybody else says. It doesn't make me anymore low-minded or degenerate than I ever was, so fuck all of that. I love it and can't wait to do it some more.

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