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Purple ants crawling

Substances: Mushrooms

I tried shrooms for the first time two weeks ago and nothing really happened so i was upset ,so the other day i decided to try them again and see if anything happened this time.
I got my 2 friends to help pitch in money to get some at a party,in all we had $53 so we got to split more than an 8th. I was told that they tasted really really bad and i might throwup, but as soon as i tasted them they tasted perfectly fine! My one friend said she was going to puke 'cause they tasted so bad, i had a feeling she was going to have a bad trip.

After about a half hour i began to feel very peaceful and harmonious. I felt like a hippie or something! My friend started to puke and go crazy and have a very bad trip and cry (thats very unlike her!). So i just kinda blocked her out because i didn't want to have a bad trip...
About a half hour later, I was outside and i was just staring at my jeans and all i seen was purple ants crawling on me! I couldn't beleive my eyes, i didn't know if it was real or if it was from the shrooms. I also stared at my hands and seen them turn red and vainy, like demon hands! It was crazy.Then i decided to go inside and just chill out, so i was staring at the table that was origanlly white and all i seen was it turn bright yellow with little hot pink and purple ants crawling everywhere. It was amazing.

Then i went to the bathroom and i looked in the mirror and i looked like an alien so i started to get creeped out. My pupils were very dialated and my eyes were all black, then it looked like my skin was molding so i locked myself in the bathroom and put on about 10 layers of makeup to try and hide the "mold".
Finally i went home and i was hallucinating even more! I kept staring at my grey carpet floor and i seen ants turning into skinny long aliens crawling on the floor and my hands were turning into werewolf hands!..my stomach started to hurt and all of a sudden i had this lonely feeling like nobody cared for me or nobody wanted to help me..That was one crazy trip.
I enjoyed every second of it though!

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