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Quicky rolling it up in ma machine roller

Substances: Cannabis
By: angel dust
E-mail: eastsidaz_inc@hotmail.com

it was finally da weekend YAHH!! and i asked all ma buddies wat were the planz for the frieday night. And they said all of em and a bunch of ma other buddies from other high school were meetin up at Xcalibur (a popular bowling place and hang out for teenz).
So i was like iight..and went to one of ma normal pickup people but he didn't have no budd so i was like dammm so all dat day i had togo bud hunting and i finally found this guy who hooked me up fatt..i picked up like a 15 sac.

That day i came home quicky rolling it up in ma machine roller (which is krazzee hah)and when it was around 6ish i told me mom that i was gonna go and to gimme a ride there cause i didnt have ma liscence back then and she said i had to go to ma cuzinz place at like 9ish 10ish so she would have to pick me up earlier and i would have to dress up wit like pantz sweater and jacket n shit so i did.
When i finally got there 1st me and ma buddies matched and mann when i hit this shit it wass krazeee but really hurtin'''. Then after smokin like 2 fat jointz we went back in chilled played sum pool and i bought a orange CPLUS pop. Man did that eva feeell soo refreshing.

After like and hour i went to the sme guy and matched da last of our bud.. after dat i felt sooo sick i came inside a pukkked everything out in da toilet thinking i was gonna die and thinkin i was gonna puke everything outta ma stomach all orangz n shit...after mellowing out a lil bit me and ma buddies went to mcdickz to go munch out since i had a empty stomach now lol..i wasn;t really hungry so i only bought a mcflurry... i juss ate datt soooo fast and it was DEEEELLLICIOUSS.. after at liek 10 sumtin ma mom picked me up wit all ma family members in a van.
Ii was all good for da 1st time tellin ma mom i had a fun time there and trying not to act high. Then all of a sudden i got thihs weird asss gurggle in ma stomach. at first i teied to ignore bu then next minute i was hlding ma throat so i wouldn't puke. But then all of a sudden outa the blue BLLLAHHHHHH all ma mcflurry came out on all ma dress clothes and it stunkkk sooo much ma brothers were like EWWW and mom dad (who was driving pulled ova) and asked me wat was wrong i just blamed it on a protein shake i had earlire on da day.

After cumin home and NOT goin to ma cuzinz house they questioned me if i had done nething but i denied everyhting.. leaving them veryy suspicious... now everytime i boge i hope dat neva evva happenz again...oh ya and 1 good tipp for smokin weed NEVA EVA eat beanz before smokin weed!!!! TAKE MA WORD!!

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