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Reflections of shrooming

Substances: mushrooms
By: Wistira

I want to try to keep this short and yet really capture what mushrooms have done to enhance my life. How the experiences I have had with the influence of shrooms have forever altered my perceptions of the reality around me.

I was the last person I know to try tripping. Like years behind my friends. I was always too scared and uneducated. I believed the rumors and never sought out true facts. Then I came to this board. I learned how to use erowid and found out the real truths.

I knew the people I felt comfortable enough with to try a first time and we did.

I ate over an 1/8 of shrooms. From that moment on life has changed. Of course you get the happy giddy high attached that is great fun and fun to share but it also takes you so far deep inside and at the same time so far away from yourself that is truly life altering.

Time sections off onto separate levels. Your brain process time, as it never did before. It's like you feel time flying by but your aware it never changes. Then it seems to slow down but your aware some things are still moving faster. It is so hard to articulate to words the absolute layered separation of time and how it affects you. Now even though when not tripping those levels are less intense I am aware of them.

Colors shapes and objects have so much more potential than I ever realized before. You always hear other trippers say, "That would look so cool if I were tripping" Now I not only understand what they mean but I see the potential those images have even when sober. Colors I would have never thought of putting together in a particular scheme before have become common place in arrangements. Placements of common objects are made now to enhance what they are and there surroundings.

Movement of myself or any mass is no longer taken for granted. Your hand may move because your brain told it to but the communication is now more understood. I used to just for instance type a letter. When you’re tripping you become aware that your conscious wanted to move, your brain turned on, your hand followed. It is again all separate and layered. Your hand for example can move in so many different ways and at so many speeds.

Visual energy is so much more enhanced. After experience tripping I can enjoy the different levels of focus my eyes are capable of and how to manipulate what I view. Focusing in on one object and allowing all surrounding objets to fade in detail or sometimes fade to black and disappear all together. A common and very differing test of this is when you look in the mirror while tripping. I hear so many people say how it freaks then out too much. Most have the same sorts of experiences. It appears your flesh is thinner. Veins, muscles and bone structure appears to be visible. Sometimes moving sometimes in color. For me I always see green bones and my facial structure is that of a dragon. It does not scare me it fascinates me.

I could go on forever but this is already too long. I guess what I am trying to say is that in every aspect of life tripping has enabled me to expand my view of everything. From physical, metaphysical, spiritual and theoretical thinking. From experience to experience 1 good trip with these friends and another with different the individual experience is little in comparison to my over all experiences.

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