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Sean was standing an inch from a tree yelling at it

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Chad
E-mail: annulus_warmth@yahoo.com

The Experience:

The night started off as me and 5 of my friends wanting to trip so we were going to go shroom. We got over 100 caps and ate about half and boiled the rest into two pots. We had about 3/4 gallon of juice that we mixed with some cheap ass kool-aidand drank it all. At about 2:30am my friend rang the doorbell and woke up my parents. When they came down stairs we all were tripping hard.

The chaos room started with me and my friend andrew. We when into a complette state of laughter and confusion. I was so confused and walking in circles. All of my other friends were outside and yelling so i left the chaos room and went to see what was happening. My friend sean was standing an inch from a tree yelling at it while everyone else was just standing there laughing. I went over and told him to stop yelling at the tree and to be nice to it. (i was just fucking with him though). So Sean starts licking the tree saying " I'm sorry for yelling at you." The rest of the night was spent in the chaos room laughing and walking around in confusion. I love shrooms.


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