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See god the devil,an even dead people

Substances: PCP
By: michael martinez
E-mail: mjm7@aol.com

anyone who grew up in a major city in the seventies,an did alot of drugs tryed pcp at lease one time.you know tea,angle dust,tac,or like we would say lets get in the zone.you would do to much, an go into the trip zone,see god the devil,an even dead people.i am from new orleans me an my crazy friends did alot of drugs an you have not seen mardi gra till you seen it on pcp.acid is just not heavy enough.the colors,the floats,the sea of people in costumes and scores of beads hitting you in the head as you gaze into space.i once talked to my grandfather for two hours an he had been dead for 3 years.till this day i say he was there,but that was pcp,like a grab bag high you never know what your high was going to be like.we had an endless supply,the guy who made it.to get the chemicals it was easy then,just go to a warehouse that has chemicals an buy them.then we would put people outside the house were we would cook up the chemicals,have them fake like they were painting, the fumes would tear up the area.let dry into powder or not you could just use liquid.there you have it instant nightmare,so if you do not want to see dead people stick to pot.

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