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Substances: Cannabis

Im from Norway, and it`s very difficult to get your hands on marijuana, hasjish is all you can get. They are two different animals completely. However, this week we got hold of 50 grams of marijuana, and it turned out to be hig quality weed. I smoke only a few times a month, or less often, and after work yesterday I went to my friends place to eat and he offered me the pipe. Then we ate and talked about life, and then he put on a Shania Twain video called Why did you say that, and the second or third time we watched it I nearly freaked out because it seemed like the perfect video. It was very weird, because I never cared about her before. Then my mind started to drift, and I fell into deep thought, and when I had come to the end of one deep thought, the essens of it manifested itself in single words, meaningless words of course, but they seemed to contain the essens of what I was thinking about. Sounds in the room also felt like they represented deep thoughts, like I was at the verge of some great realisation.

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