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She droped down and gave me head

Substances:Mushrooms & Cannabis
By: Chris M
E-mail: jmorg3@juno.com

Weel one day i was sitting in my room with a 8th of mush and a gram of the sheeba so i call up my neightbor a very very extremley hot girl and tell her i have a suprise for her. so i tell her to come over in like 20 minutes so i pop a home made pizza in the oven and put a special treat on it. the pizzas done and my neightbor arrives she chows down on her half of pizza and thanks me by giving me a kiss then i tell her my specail ingredenint and she starts laughing saying how cute i am so i pull out the bag of bud and roll up we smoked a few joints adn by know the mush was kickin in so i had to sit down my neighbor asked if i wanted her suprise know so i said sure and she droped down and gave me head it was great!!!!!!!!!!! this was only my seconed time shroomin so i was really enjoying this i started seeing colors all over the room like somebody took a huge paintbrush and wiped it over everytihng it was awesome then i looked at the tv and there were purple aliens jumping out and blowing everything up it was crazy then all my plastic soldiers came in and regulated on them it was awesome by know i was very tierd and relaxed so i took a nap in my friends boobs it was the best day of my life i cant wait to shroom again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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