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She was hot as hell

Substances: Cannabis
Webpage: angelfire.com/comics/mvs

Ok well I was reading a lot of these xperiences and i think they are bogus. I smoked just about everything grown around here and i dont ever see crazy colors or shit like that. The hardest effect i ever got was off 2 ounces of silver haze and that was only a robot effect. It was funny as hell though everyone talking kinda slow and im walking like a robot, i can feel every joint moving spertly as I walked around and the music was like all over the place and i couldnt feel anything so i had my friend punch me and when it wore off it hert like a mother fucker. That was pretty cool. Another time i smoked about that much was with My friend Beth,she fucking started striping and i was all for it. I started to strip to and before i knew it i was butt ass naked in front of her. She is my best friends girlfriend so i didnt want to do anything but when you have a nude girl in front of you all you can do is pounce. So i push her back onto the couch she is laughing up a storm and im laughing with her as i pop a hudge boner and it goes straight into her vagina. Hell than she like stoped laughing and started moving her ass muscle and im like fuck it and we have sex for about a hour. Her Boyfriend my best friend came in and was like what the fuck are you 2 doing Im like having sex he laughs and goes to play a game and i get up all sweaty and go to get into the shower. But even that story i told was more because she was hot as hell and we where both horny like a mother fucker more than us being stoned off are minds.

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