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Shittin and smokin does not mix

Substances: Cannabis
By: Sleep

I have been diagnosed as a narcoleptic (meaning i uncontrollably fall asleep at the drop of a hand) 5 years ago when i was a freshman in high school. When i first came to college i was real iffy about my suitemates because i didn't know if they smoked or not and they didn't know if i did. They also didn't know that i have narcolepsy. Well, every morning i wake up and run 3 miles, then smoke. One morning after my jog i decided to go ahead and smoke this new KB that i got from my friend. It was a good idea since i had a good 3 hours until my first class, but it was cold as shit outside and there is nothing worse than smoking in the cold. The next best thing to do is smoke in the bathroom. In my dorm building we have 2 rooms to a bathroom, thats only 4 guys to a suite, so i didn't have that much to fear; until i had already smoked a whole KB blunt and forgot that i needed to refill my prescription for my sleeping medication. Shortly upon my realization I came to notice my suitemates laughing their asses off in front of me. I had fallen asleep on the toilet smoking. I started smoking at 9 in the morning and i am just waking up at 4:30 in the afternoon. To top it all off, when i initially fell asleep, the burning roach fell and caught my shit aflame, luckily at the time my shirt was sweaty from running, or my ass would be toasted. Well at least one good thing did come out of this experience, my suitemates admitted to being pot heads also, so we all smoke together now as a team.

The moral of this story: Shittin and smokin does not mix, no matter how good it sounds. And always keep up on your prescriptions.


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