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Shopping when Blazed

Substances: Cannabis
By: Stephanie Damron
E-mail: sdamron@innerchamber.net

Ok for surez i thought i was so aware of what i was doin the first time i ever got high... i was with my 2 friends so and so and we just hot boxed his volvo(great car for boxin...)well we sat around in an empty parking lot until we got the munchy(you know smokin then the feeds) well when they were gettin there food i decided to go shoppin at old navy.At first it took me a lil while to get there becuase i did have to walk from taco bell to the old navy across the street(which felt like 10 min when faded)alright well once i got inside i couldnt stop walkin around the store(didnt stop walkin one time when i got in the store..lol)this old navy was playing the weirdest music i have ever heard, i mean the music had non stop phone ringing through out the songs which got catchy and i started likein it.. One song went on for about an hour( well what it felt like to me)im still lookin around all over the place for that song..lol well when my friends came to get me i couldnt reconize them at first so i stood there starin at them trying to look for me until i rememebred i knew them.. i was in the store for about 8 min and i still never bought anything when i left.. so if you go shopping while ur blazed make sure you listen to the music carefully... I LOVE BLAZIN

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