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Substances: Cannabis

Well me and my good smoking buddy was getting stoned at his house, for like the 3rd time. I started not to long ago before this, but he's been doing it awhile. Well anyways, it was dead of winter, snow on the ground, icy roads, we was outside, fried, and decided to throw snow balls at cars, well anyways we was getting all excited over our great idea, when my bud stopped.. waited a second.. then said with the oddest smile on his face ..."Signing".. i looked at him and said.. "did you just say fucking signin??".. hes like "i dunno".. then we cracked up laughing, he then said.. "I thought i heard a car".. so i said.. "then what the hell does signing mean??" as confused as we was about the signing talk and laughing a car really was coming.. so as a van drive by we threw the snow ball. Dont know if we hit it, but every day now we say the word signing at least once.

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