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Sinking down into the ground

Substances: Cannabis
By: Pat S
E-mail: Bartenndr@aol.com


This was the first time I got truly high, and is still probably the highest I have ever been. It all began during summer break, when me and my stoner crew went up to the old high school at Hereford to chill and hang out.

First, we rolled a couple of fat spliffs and shared them round. My stoner crew left it at that and started skating (the school's full of railings, steps etc), but I don't skate so I rolled a little L with some fine draw and tobacco that I had bought earlier that day.

After smoking that I felt quite mellow, but everyone seemed as if they were going to be skating for a while, so I took out my pipe (fresh from Ozzfest - rock on!), loaded it and toked it back. I am not sure how many times I refilled my pipe, but I was feeling nicely roasted, and I had got to the stage when my throat couldn't really handle another toke so I put my pipe down.

I was suddenly very tired, so I lay back on the grass. I tried to say something to everyone who was skating, but if I did manage to speak, I couldn't hear myself. I must have said something, because they all came over to me. I had the strangest feeling of sinking, down into the ground, and my friends faces weren't clear, as if I was underwater looking up at them, and they were out of the water looking down at me. The whole world apart from them just faded away.

I think they were speaking, but they were so blurry I couldn't make them out. I began to feel as if I was sinking down into the water, away from my friends. They began to appear further and further away, and blurrier and blurrier, until I could hardly see them. At that point, I closed my eyes, and I must have been out within seconds.

I woke up in a room I eventually realised to be one of my friend's rooms, who lived near to the school. I asked them what had happened, and they told me that I had been talking nonsense, and shouting at something, but they didn't know what. When I had passed out, they carried me back to the house I was now in, where I had lain for about 3 hours before I came round.

The strangest thing is how vivid the memory is, when normally you can't remember anything that happened shortly before you pass out. The experience was certainly interesting!

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