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Smoking peanut skins

Substances: Peanut Skins
By: Barry

Today i was sitting in front of my computer, as usual, and i decided to read some of the anarchist cookbook. I read, and laugh at the cool shit you can do, and then i reach a section called "Weird Drugs". I wont put all of them, but the one i tried was this: get some unsalted, unroasted peanuts. Take the shells off and eat the peanut. Then save the skin. Roll it into a ciggarete and smoke.
Ok, so it sounds stupid. And i felt stupid as i sat there for an hour or so getting the skins of a pound of peanuts. But finally i had enough to roll into a ciggarette. So i completed this oh so tedious task, and went outside to smoke it. What a surprise. Almost instantly i felt the effects of a joint, minus the dry mouth and munchies.
This is awesome, but it took me a hellofa long time to do it. So if you are in need of a good time and dont have weed, go buy a pound of unroasted, unsalted peanuts.

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