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Sounds were comin from everywere

I think I was around 13 or 14 it was the end of grade 7 and I was with my best friend Jordan and some dumbass indian and we all rollerbladed to the mall. We had just bought a bunch of muchrooms off Jordans brother, it was out first time on mush.
I had just got 20 bucks to buy a CD at the mall from my mom and I spent it on muchrooms so we were goin to the mall to steal the Cd cuz I knew my mom would be wantin to see it. So when we got there we went and hid behind some bush's and started eatin them... They were the nastiest things I had ever tasted!

So when we were done I wasn't feelin anything and I didn't think I would. So I went in the mall while my 2 friends waitted outside for me. I went into the music store and it took me a while to get the Cd in my pocket and I started walkin out and the the mushrooms hit me so hard the ceiling started meltin and I was like 50 feet tall! It was fucked I knew I was trippin but I didn't know if I was being normal you know, I didn't know what I was doin.
Anyway once I got out of the mall we all put our rollerblades back on and started leavin when I realized I had to take a massive shit! So Itold my 2 friends this and they aggreed that they had to too!
So we decided to go up in the bathrooms in the train station behind the mall. We once again took off our roller blades and walked in the building.
My two friends hadn't been feelin anything yet and I think the adrenalin from stealin boosted my stonedness! We all did our business and on the way out down the elevator I think we were all feelin the mush.

We decided to put on are roller blades on in the elevator. I stared down at the buttons as they came out towards me and I told jordan we should press all the buttons before gettin out of the elevator. He agrreed that he would press the alarm button and I would turn the power off in the elevator.
Once the elevator stopped we pressed are assigned buttons and the door open and the only thing we could hear was a really loud alarm as we sped out of the building on our rollerblades as a train was pulling in on the tracks meeping its horn sounds were comin from everywere!
It was so fucked! we got the hell outta there as fast as we could! Once we got back to his house we smoked a fat joint (we were already big potheads) so we got our swimsuits on and went swimming in the pooring rain! This was my first Xperience on Mush!


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