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Speaking to my companions the gnomes

Substances: Cannabis, Mushrooms

In the true spirit of communism, every second week my circle of half a dozen friends chip in for AUS $65 of pot, and we spend a night in our dear friend Rupert's "potting" shed (ex-gardening shed ;-P ), listening to Syd Barrett (a la early Pink Floyd) and watching dodgy Jim Henson fantasy movies.
However, a week ago we decided for the sake of experimentism to purchase some 'shrooms with the deal- we had never tried it before.
So, here we are, enjoying our traditional quarter-ounce of ganja, chewing on some dried mushies, waiting for the effects of hallucination to set in.
Waiting...... waiting.....


Okay, so they didn't appear to be working. So I "volunteered" to have a few more. Fifteen minutes later, I could STILL only feel the effects of the weed, and we were CERTAIN we had been ripped off. Bastards.

Still, I like the taste of them, so I kept chewing more and more until there weren't any left. At least I wasn't HUNGRY anymore... There was also a few cones left, so I took the liberty of having a nice big one.


Upon sucking down the very beginning of the bong, I had the tidal wave of thought build up in my head, which was actually quite scary, since I wasn't used to it. With every breath, the walls seemed to droop down a few more inches, and the couch I was sitting in became more and more apart of my physical body- I couldn't move after twenty seconds.
This all came as quite a surprise, as I was pretty sure that hallucinagenics such as mushrooms take a while to build up in your system. So, I decided to close my eyes, hoping then when I opened them, everything would be back to normal. I can't tell you how long I kept my eyes shut for, because time seemed fairly disconnected- at the time I thought it must have been over an hour, although it could have just been a few minutes.
Upon opening my eyes, I found the low-lit wooden shed had transformed into a murky cave, and my friends' identities were now unrecognisable, as they had now become four foot gnomes. Pretty soon I even forgot who I was, as my memory drastically decreased, eventually leaving me with what was essentially a five second memory.
I don't remember ever speaking to my companions the gnomes, and all I remember is trying to dig through walls, which appeared to be made out of dirt (and obviously weren't).
Of course, the reason I remembered this aspect of my hallucination may have had something to do with me having quite painfully bruised hands the next morning. It must have been quite something to watch. =)

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