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Staring competition with the gate

Substances: Cannabis, Alcohol
By: Nathan Horne
E-mail: nathjh2001@hotmail.com

Earlier this year it was my best mates 17th bday party, there was lots of alcohol goin round and a few joints being passed about, well more than a few!
I was pretty drunk and only a small time smoker the odd joint every other day or so, but this party so ive been told i went through about 12 or 13 im not used to that much so it hit me pretty good, by 9pm i was pretty out of it!!

The last thing i remember is sitting on the bench in my mates garden looking at his back gate, theyve got it on film i think somewhere and the film shows 8hours between me sitting on the bench at 9pm and gettin off at about 5am!!
I had sat on his bench staring at his gate for 8hours in between ive been filmed telling the gate to stop staring at me and someone asking me what i was doing and replying "having a staring competition with the gate".

I havnt smoked that much since and i dont think i will, although i had fun staring at a gate for 8 hours does give u a strange reputation!!! That fuckin gates still got sumthin against me! and whenever im stoned ill argue with the gate, think i best keep away from it next time im stoned!!

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