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Sudden his mom comes up

Substances: Cannabis

I was with my friend lets call him bil.We decided that we shud have a sleepover on a friday night.He said his mom and dad wouldnt be home so it was cool to go through there closet and smoke.(his parents are major stoners by the way)i came over and he told me his parents were gonna be home.so im really pissed now.and im like "bitch u promised we cud get stoned and we are doing it!"so he closes the door to his room and holds tha door closed with a guitar. so i took my stash out.(about 2 50 bags) and i started to roll up.we took one hit and new.this was some good shit!we had a couple joints, now let me remind you that his parents are downstairs. were stoned out of our minds and listening to sublime and watching half baked on dvd.at the time we had no windows open or anything like that.and all the sudden his mom comes up.

I quickly hide tha stash under a blanket. and she asks: what are you burning.and she looks like a fucking monster!i swear she had huge ass teeth when ur high and looking at her.im fucking scared out of my mind.bil does all the talking and sez we were trying to make incence with leaves!and im like wut the fuck? we dont have any leaves! but he pulls some out of the closet just like that!im like dude!and his mom looks at it and sees that they hav been burned!thank the non-existant god!and all the colors are swirling and i feel like there are a million ants crawling all over my body.and then a huge blob comes barging into the room!(which turns out to be his dad)he is screaming and yelling and he says the cops are due to come soon (cus there care was recently stolen)of course they both new that we were toking up and u no wut! they didnt care!

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