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Sudden I see a hand try and grab my foot

Substances: Cannabis
E-mail: manicdeath005@yahoo.com

Ok so Im high right now.And writing this may not be the best idea but its my second time getting high so I guess i should share my story of the first time I got high with you guys.Ok so I bought some brick weed(or so I was guessing) from a friend.I got a hitter from him and devised a plan to smoke it in my room without anybody find out.Id burn an insent and that would clear away all the smell and whatnot.Well this was no ordinary weed.This was SUPER WEED.Ive heard stories on here about how people dont get high there first time.Well I got really high like tripen my ass off high.Well anyway my plan got off without a hitch except for the fact I didnt know my on toloerence to pot.Like the fact that it takes me about a half hour to get the full effect of the pot.So Im layin in my bed not feeling anything when all the sudden I see a hand try and grab my foot.I ducked under my bed covers and stayed there for 2 hours.As soon as I got the courage to get out I realized.The hand was the smoke from the insent I light up.WHO IN THE HELL TRIPS ON INSENT SMOKE?well I guess I do...

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