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Super paranoid and super cold and it was 40 degrees

Substances: Cannabis
By: Cahler
E-mail: ila2006@hotmail.com

ok....my friend got a super tiny anount of weed from this guy and he said theres only enough fer him and his girl friend but he didnt know it was northern lights and ive never done it before... so were walking around while him and his g/f are smoking it and she convinces him to let me do it so i take one super huge hit and i didnt realize anythign fer 5 minutes then im like omg it hit me and i was having a great time fer a little while but then i started freaking out like i wassuper paranoid and super cold and it was 40 degrees outside(which i can normally stand) and were sitting in this park getting even more high and i see this guy walking by the road and start freakin out saying hes gunna catch us".

So i convince them to start walking and then i get up and get on the bike i was riding before and i couldnt ride it my shoes kept getting caught in the crank thing(brand new i bought that day)and they got all cut up so were walking down the road and we get to a stop light its green so me and his g/f cross it nad he waits till its red then goes half way down the road and crosses and almost gets hit by a car and then were walking and we stumble along this other park... and this is about the time im really freaking out and am super cold ...they sit down and im standing up and i dont realize this but im like going in circles with a weird face and my hands up against my chest and im shaking all at the same time while like humming er sumthign

I did that fer like 10 minuest straight while they laugh at me and tell me to stop but i coulndt and then i finaly get myself to stop and i start to cry cuz im so cold so his girlfriend give me her coat while isit next to this pole and cry fer like a half hour and then i hear sum noises over to the right of me like panting where they were sitting and i wanted to go see what it was but my reflexes wouldnt let me like i wanted to but i couldnt get up (the next day he tells me she was givinghim head) and thien it comes time for us to leave the park and im sitting there while there leaving and i still couldnt move so he pulls me up and i starty freaking out thinking where re we going to go and shit like that and we end up at my friend daves house and were in his basement and im thirsty so i make him get me sumthign to drink cuz im scared of his parents and then i fell asleep by the time he came downstairs i was out of it

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