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The big Escape

Substances: Cannabis
By: KMK420

Alright, first you have to know some background on my friend too make this story better. A few weeks ago, my friend Jake was arrested at school for having weed. Ever since, he has been trapped in his house trying to find a way out. At the beginning of Spring Break, we stayed at my house, and walked around for a while. We met some cool stoners, and decided that on Monday we were going to blaze together, but something went wrong and we had to go to Jake's house. His house has an alarm though, so we couldn't sneak out. It really sucked until we found a way to rewire a thingy on his window so that the alarm wouldn't notice it opening. I don't really know how we thought of it since we're pretty stupid.

So it was 11:30 at night, and we got all our stuff together (Weed, pipe, paper, bong, all that) and we practiced getting out of the window for a long time. The time came, and we got outside fine, and started on our adventure. About halfway to where we were going (about a mile) we realized something was missing. We checked, double checked, and stood around for a while in the street before we realized we were missing the pipe. Short term memory sucks doesn't it? We started back on the journey home and finally got back to his house. We had to send someone in to get the pipe, and Jake was the only one that knew where it was. The only problem was that the stupid fat ass couldn't fit through the window, and if he bumped it too much an alarm would go off waking up all of our neighborhood. A few minutes later he came out of the window with the pipe, and reached inside to grab something, but on his way out, he slammed his head against the freakin window. We finally got out and on our way to my neighborhood to meet the dudes.

The only problem is that the whole 2 miles is uphill, and we're lazy as hell. So around 2 hours later we finally got to the spot we were going to, but the dudes didn't show up. We waited for a while, then walked off to go smoke some beautiful red haired chronic in a parking lot of a Catholic church. Lol good times. We were done tokin, and started to leave when we saw the guys drive buy, so we ran to go find them. (Have you ever seen someone run when they're high? Its pretty fucking funny.) It wasn't them though, so we were mad, tired, high, and lost. And pretty hungry too. We decided to walk home after half an hour of standing around doing nothing. On the walk home we decided to do more at a Mormon church. (We have a thing with churches.) We started the journey home and lost track of time completely. Jake forgot it was 2 A.M. and called this chick that we always hang out with. She didn't pick up so he left a message, which we heard later, that was about 30 minutes long, and had huge pauses followed by laughter. The rest of the walk home was uphill which is very unfair.

Finally we got back to his room and almost set off the alarm again on the way in. After we got sprayed down with Axe and put everything away. We had a munchyfest and played Who Wants To Smoke My Honey bear, a weed trivia game, for what seemed like the rest of the night. That morning we woke up sprawled out in chairs with the game almost beaten, Pringels in every crevasse of our bodies,(?) and about five packs of girl scout cookies everywhere. (We knew they were good for something!)

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The Big Escape

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