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The Black ball

By: Dan Nelson
E-mai: mistercounterfeit@hotmail.com

One day me and my friend Allen went to our special spot where we usually do acid. It's way out in the woods and no one can see you. But we took about 3 hits each of Felix the cat, and we were starting to get the usualls. About after an hour and a half after taking them, i started to notice this black ball that was walking withus. I started to laugh becuase I had no idea what it was and why it was there. So Allen was like, "what the fuck is so funny?" I'm just walking withe ball and him, when I noticed that the ball wasn't there. So i started to trip out and I was telling Allen that I needed to find the ball other wise the planet was gonna blow up. He believed me so he started to help me find the ball.

After 10 minutes of looking we gave up and went to Burger King. When we got there, I was standing in line trying to decide what I wanted when I looked in the back and the black ball was cooking the food. I started to laugh and I showed Allen that he works there. I looked back there and I saw that the ball was spitting on the food and putting the meat patties in the cleaner bucket and throwing them on the fryer. I was like, were not eating here. So we left and went to KFC. When we got there, he was cooking there too. I was like lets just go all over to find a place. We started to walk to the grocery store (since everything is packaged) and I bought one of those KING size snickers). Right when i opened it and took a bite, these little black balles startred to fall and they were in my mouth, at this time I was FREAKING out so bad. I thought I was gonna die.

But after that the balls dissapeared, and I felt all cool. I told Allen everything was ok, and we both chilled out. I walked to the library with Allen and we went to the computer part. Allen went to this trippy site and he was tripping mad when he was there. I went there too, but I wasn't tripping as hard core as he was. But after that, I went home, and fell asleep. I woke up in like 20 minutes, but it felt like forever. Then I sat at the table staring at my food, cuz I thought I had a dream that some black balls were atacking my food, but then I realized that I was still tripping and the black balls were from my trip. Well, I ate my black ball infested food, and slept good that night, knowing that they were gone now. That was the end, hope you liked it.

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