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The elevator method

Substances: Cannabis
By: william s.
E-mail: optik_esc@hotmail.com

My 1st experience using the elevator method was one of the biggest trips i have evder had! Me and a couple of smoking buddies of mine were at our usuall smokin spot we call the woods. My friend Dominic said why dont we do elevators, and my friend Robert said ok go for it. I was like ok this shouldnt be too hard, and i began to watch them. They got in a squat position on there knees and began to breathe very heavy and fast. So i potheadedly copied and stood up as i hit the blunt, stretching out like i just woke up, and still hitting. Then i leaned foward to exhale and when i did, Ifelt like a 50 pound brick hit me in the head. I immediatly fell to the ground. All i could see was the bright trees and the sun from our spot. I also remember seeing a white picket fence like that gate was from Heaven! when i got up that head rush knocked me back down. As i went to the ground i started grabbing for something to hold on to but there was nothing. All i could remember was my friends laughing at me and shit. They said i took one of the biggest hits they had ever seen. After that 1st elevator, it led to others. That was my first time doing an elevator! And remember kids, SMOKE WEED EVERDAY!!!

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