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The first time i ever went to Amsterdam

Substances: Cannabis
By: Richard
E-mail: richardmille8806@msn.com

this was the first time i ever went to amsterdam i was in the red light district and my and my friend where like "they sell bud here leageally huh?" and we were like hell yeah... so we went to a coffe shop (dont remeber the name) and bought some haze we rolled a few splifs(as i heard most of them call it over there) so we fired em up and man that shit was good i was trippin hard cause see where i come from the weed isnt high quality( well some of it is,but not like this stuff) and the whole time i sat there with a huge grin on my face my friend was like dude this shit hits. then we ate some bon bons with ganja in it ..man we went for a space trip it was wicked weed so we went to another bar and smoked some hash...all that smokin was harsh on the throat so we had a few brews to chill us down..if u ever get a chance to go to a-dam.. do it

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