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The ground was switching levels

Substances: Cannabis

It was 4:00 on a friday. school just let out and a bunch of friends and i decided we should get stoned. I had $20 worth, my friend daniel had $30 worth and my friend catlin m. had somewhere between $20-40 worth. there were a few other people with us and we were gonna smoke out our friend mackenzie. our campus is 74 acres and theres this real great place by the stadium to smoke in. you climb over this little ledge and then your in the great little area. theres lots of trees and shit. wel we were just about to toke our 3rd bowl and i was haviong trouble lighting it cuase it was windy and i was starting to feel the shit we'ed already smoked. well thats when everything got fucked up. i didnt know what was going on but i herd mackenzie say cops and then i saw a light shine into the bushes. that was enough and the only thought in my mind was to book it. my friend daniel yelled run and we were off. the problem was that the cop was at the only easy exit. the other way out was a 15 ft drop. daniel and i wernt about to get caught cuase we were still on school grounds. daniel jumped. catlin followed and i was about to jump when i relized the distance of the drop. i saw catlin fall and the only thought in my mind was o shit. the ground was switching levels where catlin jumped in looked likde 50ft but where daniel jumped in looked like 5. i decided to try to jumpe closer where he had .

There was no point in getting caught and seeing as they were fine i went for it. the first 10 ft wized by and then it went frame by frame and i was suddenly aware of everything around me. all this happend in a few seconds. well daniel was running up the stairs so i decide to follow as we drew closer to the top we noticed that there were 2 men in black standing at the top with there arms crossed blocking the way. i dont know if these were real people, cops, or just some strange hallucignation. anyways daniel yelled shit wrong way and i turned but as i did it i herd and felt my ankle snap. at first i thought it was over and i was about to get cvaught but i knew i couldnt. we started running the other way and out past and around the fountain. then we ran past the ballet school and across the street. then up 5 blocks to some stairs. when we got there we relized mackenzie was missing.

We thought she got caught but decided shed be fine and would be in less trouble because she didnt have anything on her. we looked at my injury and it had swelled up so in was huge. we all started laughing and trying to find our other friends. some how we did and i ended up running in to a tree. we all got on the bus wich is a big blur but went to see the harrypotter movie. it was kinda crowded and we were all in the back row. we got one of those huge popcorn buckets and a bunch of big candies. we ate them all in matters of minutes and then started throwing the popcorn bucket around. it was fucked up and we were all tripin. we started biting eachother. i dont know what happend in the movie but it was a fun time. smoking pot is great but ive learned not to do it on school ggrounds.

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