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The Ice Cream Man

Substances: Cannabis
By: The Ice Cream Man
E-mail: kyle_the_zulu_king@hotmail.com

Well, It All Started By Myself and My Friend Eric Waking Up, And Basically Going Up To My Camper Immediately and Clambaking, but then we kept doing that all day, smoked like 4 grams between us all day, but the fun started when my brother was here christmas eve and we decided to go to a friend's house and smoke a lot, so we were stoned driving down the road and everytime i saw an oil spot, there;s a lot of them around here, i kept seeing deer running into the car for some reason.... but when we got there i smoked a whole blunt and about 5 bowls to myself.. i was really stoned and they were all calling me Bob Marley because of how i was smoking, and i kept misinterpreting it and i thought i was the head ice cream man in the world, and i kept making these milkshakes with weird things like cheese, milk, eggnog, and choclate sauce.. and forced people to drink them, then i made 2 boxes of stuffing, the munchies were calling me.. and since we smoekd on till like 4 in the morning, i was stoned christmas day, and my parents thought i was really sick or having a sort of hangover... and the day went on... so that's my experience and how i became the icecream man... lol

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