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The ladies mouth was moving but i couldn't understand her

Substances: Cannabis
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The first time i ever got stoned it was amazing. Me and my friend went out one day with a film dispenser full of weed. ( I had smoked 2 or 3 times before this).

We went in his shed and smoked two bowls and i felt nothing. Then we were walking out of his neighborhood then we decided to smoke anoher bowl. After we smoked the bowl i still felt nothing.

We saw our freinds at burger king that also had weed and we rolled a couple joints and smoked 'em and i still felt nothing. Now i thought i was immuned to pot and i was pissed. We left the burger king then went back in the same trail we smoked in before.

Right before the bowl he sad, "yer gonna get stoned today man, i dont care if i have to smoke this entire film dispenser." We smoked two or three more bowls then we were walking to mcdonalds and i stepped on the median in the road and i immediately felt it. It felt like a huge wave of wind just messed up my vision, then my legs felt weird when i tried to ride my board.

It was my first time stoned so i didnt know what i was doing. We went to mcdonalds and i tried to order 3 double cheeseburgers and then the ladies mouth was moving but i couldnt understand her... I started yelling three double cheesburgers at the top of my lungs and my freind just started laughing at the lady.

His friends that worked there all knew that we were stoned.. It was awesome!!!

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