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The macaroni looked weird and deformed

Substances: Cannabis
By: Heather

One time i came home from a party and i had smoked about an ounce. Im pretty sure the shit was laced with something, maybe acid or Pcp. I went into the kitchen to get some munchies and i opened the closet and there were like 20 macaroni noodles just sitting there and i was like WTF? Then i looked for something to eat and i looked back down at the macaroni and they looked all weird and deformed. THEY were fucking growing arms, legs, and faces! They stood up and by this itme i was like trippin hardcore. I started hearing the macarena song and the noodles that came to life were now doing the macarena~! OMG, macaroni noodles doing the macarena!
Stoner 4 life~Heather


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