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The most peaceful experience

Substances: Cannabis
By: Jim Bob Bob
E-mail: punkmasterbob@hotmail.com

About 6 months ago me and a few of my friends got hold of some sweet pot my dealer called it silver haze. At the time i dint really know much about different types of weed but at this smoking session i found out.
We were all sat in my room listenin to punk with a 1/2 oz of this stuff so i rolled up the first joint, it was about 13" long and rolled by hand so i was impressed. As the night carried on we started caning bongs and shotties and about 3 hours after we started i loaded myself a shottie and heres where it gets interesting.
whilst i was pulling the shottie the funkiest thing started to happen i was hearing everything, everyones lauging the tunes in the background and even the rain outside... i closed my eyes and everything went quiet then all i heard was the music coming in slowly getting louder and louder and when i exhaled the smoke i opened my eyes and saw everyone laughing but i could only hear thew tunes it was like THE most peaceful experience.. about 30 seconds later everything was normal again i could see and hear everything again. i dont know how to explain what i felt in great detail but i know i want it to happen again

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