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Then a hexagonal tunnel appeared

Substances: Salvia Divinorum
By: Has
E-mail: sic6sicslipknot666@yahoo.com
Webpage: http://www.plague1.com

It was about 3:35 pm afterschol. We had gotten detentions, but our teacher hadn't arrived yet. We already planned ahead of time to smoke salvia. We went to the densely planted area of our school. I filled my metal pipe with dried salvia leaves. I lit my lighter and held it over my salvia. I took my first hit, then another and the big third one. My knees felt a tingly sensation, and i fell. I closed my eyes, and slowly the trip had begun. I was a offroad vehicle, and was travelling through the appalitians. A huge godlike, native american spirit appeared and guided me through the mounatins. Then a hexagonal tunnel appeared and i entered it, i was in a place with hell of alot of stones. But my trip had started to fade away. I shook myself back to reality, only to fel the after effects of salvia. As told by my friend, i was running like bitch and had ran real fast.

That was my salvia experience.


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