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Then I hear police cars rushing

Substances: Cannabis

Alright, it was a friday night, school's done for the week, now time to celebrate, I take out my thrusty bong, and my stash wich was about a quarter (7g) of weed, started packing a bowl, :) mmm mmm, boy did it taste good, I was in my room, and you know how it is with weed, once you start smoking you just can't stop, so little did I know but, I smoked like 2g to myself hehe, with the window open to let the smoke out. Then I hear police cars rushing, HOLY F*CK I SAID! Stash the weed man, then I knew they might search the house, so I ate around 5g of weed hahaha, little did I know the 3 squad cars, and 1 van, weren't there for me, but for some bozo who beat up his wife, boy was I scared, and stoned for the whole night :) I couldn't sleep and a couple of hours later I started feeling the weed I ate kick in, man I just went to sleep after eating too many doritos haha

good times!

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