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The paper was all sticking his dick into the filter

By: Lifted0ff420
E-mail: acidxtreme21@hotmail.com

This was the first time i did shrooms, i ate about an 8th with two of my friends, P and G. We ate them then went downtown cus P needed a jacket. After the busride which took like 30 minutes we all felt really light and trippy, for like an hour straight we just laughed and laughed. I still wasnt seeing any visuals.

After like 2 hours we came home and i still hadnt seen anything, just a body trip. We went to the park and smoked a huge blunt. About 30 seconds after the blunt was out i noticed that the ground started to move and sway, and i started to dance like a crazy idiot with it. I went and sat on a bench and smoked a Newport. The smoke coming off the cigarette were little spaceships flying off into the air. I looked at G and he looked like a fat Mexican pizza man. I took the butt from my smoked cigarette and ripped the paper, exposing the filter. Then i placed it on the ground and stared at it. Pretty soon the paper (male) started to have sex with the Filter (female). The paper was all sticking his dick into the filer and he was smoking his own cigarette. After they were done the paper wrapped himself around the filter and he protected her.

I had other crazy visuals like the sky during light purple, the tennis court turning into a battle ground of emotions. THe leaves on the tennis court represented my dad, and the green part represented me. And for like an hour we just pushed eachother back and forth it was weird. I went to Ps house and watched TV and eventually the shrooms started to wear off. A pretty fun trip. Ive done shrooms alot lately and the visuals arent as much, more of just a chaotic body trip. Ive also invested in my own shroom growing equipment. Shrooms are definately one of my favorite drugs. Pure chaos and fun.


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