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There's a man !

Substances: Cannabis

One day me and my best friend and I were going to the woods by her grandmothers house to smoke weed because her grandmother was getting drunk at the time. So usually I smoke two joints but this time my best friend wanted me to do one more just because we had it and we didn't want it to go to waste. So after we were done we had to go all the way accross the field to get back to her grandmothers house. (Note: I do not remember too much of this, most of this story comes from my best friend because she did not get high. We later on figured out that she didn't because she did not inhale properly). Any way on the way back I had the dog that we brought with us to give us an excuse to go into the field. Any way I was running with the dog and I al of a sudden stopped because I could have sworn that I saw a man standing in front of me. Then the next thing I knew I was on the ground. Eventually we made it back tot he house where I ate a fish. (bones and all as I was told). Anyway. Then we tried to draw pictures on cardboard but as I saw when we came out of it we did not do a good job. After we were done doing that I looked out the window because I was hungry. (No that dosen't make sence to me either). But when I looked out the window I could have swore that I saw a man in my best friends' grandmothers' car. Well I started to freak out cause it was the same man who was in the field. So I started to pound on my best friend as I repeatedly shouted "There's a man in nanas' car!" Well my best friend fell on the floor and literaly pissed herself. The next day I figured out it was just a sweater. And that's my life story.
The End

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