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The rubic's cube

Substances: Cannabis
By: Ryan doe
E-mail: rtp023@msn.com

I had always had the curiosity of getting high, so one day my stoner buddy and I toked a few bowls before a high school football game. Since he didnt have a pipe, so we settled for an aluminum foil hitter. My friend was high as hell but I didnt feel anything. After the game I went back to his house to spend the night. Rather than smoke that nasty tin hitter, we cut a dollar bill into fourths and rolled some joints. I have never coughed so much in my entire life, but I was getting high. After we baked his bathroom, we opened the door and the smoke poured out. With the worst case of cotton mouth and munchies, I tumbled down the stairs in hope of finding something edible. After eating shitloads, I plopped in my friend's bed and picked up a rubic's cube. That fucking thing kept me occupied for hours. I thought I was seeing weird pictures inside of it, and was laughing uncontrollably. That was the best high I have ever had. Smoke weed everyday.

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