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The sleeping guy starts to eat up the filter

Substances: Cannabis
By: Mark De Vylder
E-mail: markdevylder@hotmail.com

Hy, my name is mark and a few weeks ago i had one of the funniest moments of my life. Me and other friends were invited on a LAN-party at a friend's home.But I know we all smoke weed so i thought it would be a smoke-weekend. and it was. So the first night most of the guys were allready sleeping when me and some other guys were watching the television. But a friend was sleeping next to me in the seet. AT a moment a friend stands up and wants to take a picture of my buddy next to me. Suddenly i get the idea to take a filter of a cigarette (not used) and to put it between his lips. So i did this and the other guy takes the picture. but probably of the flash the sleepig guy starts to eat up the filter. it was so funny how he was chewing the thing. Just like a cow does. we started laughing with him but we also tried to stop him from eating it but when we want to open his mouth he swallows it. Oh no. And the he open's his eyes and looks to us and says'WHAT?'. he really didn't realised he did that. So ,the next morning he wake's up again and the we told him what happened and showed him the picture. The guys starts laughing with himself :-)). I know one thing and that is that we were totally wasted when we all went home.


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