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The trees were out 2 get me

Substances: Cannabis
By: ImmortaL420
E-mail: gmayora16@yahoo.com


Alright one day after skool my friend Drew and I were chillin at home when my cuz came over (hes 21). We werent expectin ne thing but he busted out with an ounce of PurPle HaZe. I took out my bong and we started tokin. We went through about an 2 grams all 3 of us. After my cuz left and he left us with about and eighth for 50 bucks. After he left we smoked 1 more bowl then left for my other friends house. We went through the woods at I felt that the trees were out 2 get me. I was trippin hard and so was my friend. I was lookin aroun when I ran into a tree and we got into a fight. I was screamin at the tree tryin 2 fight it sayin FUCK U u cant hurt me im Immortal. Then my friend pulled me bac sayin c'mon hes comin after us. We were pretty fuckin BLAZED. When I got my friends house I was leanin on the door when he opened it and I fell flat on my face. I laid there for about 5 mins til i got up. I had 2 be helped up because my friend said i was tryin 2 do push ups on the ground. Well we got on the couch and started watching Lord of The Rings and smokin a phat blunt of haze, After we walked bac home and i saw the tree again and I ran up to it and drop kicked it. I got up and realized it the tree was up and me and my friend ran home thinkin it was after us. When we got home we passed out on the couch and woke up the next mornin with a blunt in my mouth. By the way my parents were outta town. We were hungry so we walked to the kitchen to eat. Then walked to my friends house through the park. I remembered the tree from last night and went up to it and I saw that a whole bunch of bark was scraped off. I looked at my hands and they had a whole bunch of splinters on my fists. That was the BEST weed Xperience Ive had in my life. Oh and my hands were fine by the way. :)

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