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The worst trip i have ever had

Substances: Cannabis
By:Jesse Trace

Alright, So it was my second time ever smoking and my family and i were going up to see my brother Jon and a couple of hi roomates. After a 6 hour drive we finally get there and i here them talking about smoking pot so i become instantly interested. They invite me to come smoke with them when my brother and mom leave for some capoiera thing. I dont know what it was about but they finally left and my brother and i walk into the room to see them pcking a bowl. I look to the right of the dude and there is like 3 more ounces of some fucking strong blueberry cronich. I sit and they pack a bubbler. My brother takes the first hit and since i really didn't know what to do so i just coppied my other brother.

He gives me the bong i put my mouth up to it light it and suck in as hard as i can. I hold it in for about ten seconds and then bamn it hits me. I cough and cough for like 3 minutes and i start to madly fucking trip. I kept on drifting and drifting and i was sinking into this couch. Then i start to feel the body highs, slowly at first but they start to build up intil it's unbareable. I felt like i was being shocked by lightning and then my jaw bones were moving around in my skull. I start to get scared and look for some munchies. I find a bag of m&m's and start chowing down. 20 miutes later i finish the bag and am still feeling the body highs, this is when i get really scared. I start crying and then i play some video games and it slowly goes away. I try and go to sleep and when i finally do i dream of walking through a forest of rainbow colored trees.

This was by far the worst trip i have ever had.

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